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Street Fair - NetworkingThe following websites provide a point of contact with organizations that can provide networking and technical support resources for students and staff that are involved in starting or managing campus waste reduction programs.

California Collegiate Recycling Council (CCRC)

WHAT’S HOT: recycling and waste reduction curricula

The purpose of CCRC, a technical council of the California Resource Recovery Association, is to facilitate information networking on campus based recycling and waste reduction programs, help to create new campus programs or enhance existing ones and promote the incorporation of recycling and waste reduction topics into academic curricula. The CCRC web site provides program and contact information including how to subscribe to CALCRC-L, an e-mail discussion list that focuses on California-based campus recycling and waste reduction issues.

College and University Recycling Council (CURC)

NOTE: Members-only, but check to see if your campus recycling coordinator belongs

CURC is a network of activists and professionals that are involved in the development and expansion of campus-based recycling and waste reduction programs. CURC was formed in 1992 and became a technical council of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) in 1995. The CURC website, which is accessible only to NRC members, describes the various programs and resources available through CURC including RECYC-L, an e-mail and web based discussion list. Some of the issues being addressed by CURC include campus program benchmarking and maximizing container recycling through soft drink vending contracts.

Collegiate Recyclers Coalition (CRA)

The mission of CRC, a council of the Carolina Recycling Association, is to support the development and expansion of campus-based recycling and waste reduction programs within North and South Carolina. The CRA/CRC web site provides a brief description of the organization including membership benefits and member contacts.

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